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Anchoring in the market

Professional Living, Innovation and Development Lab for an Ageing Society

Anchoring benefit: The condensed results and inputs from end-user groups from different AAL and AHA project realized in the PROLIDA LL became and still become part of regional health and care strategies, which can be seen as good practice for an anchoring process within the innovation life cycle. Policy-makers get evidence for new strategies. Involved companies direct knowledge and needs from policymakers. Researchers benefit form additional secondary research possibilities for a long-term perspective.

The PROLIDA strategic direction can be clustered as regards to content and methodology governance and management structure and extension of fields of applications. With a strong focus on multi-modal evidence PROLIDA has to guarantee fitting study-designs – related recruiting strategies, data and result quality (effect). With a growing number of projects the demand for homogenous trial-user-groups, higher number of participants and non-overlapping trial-participation admonishes PROLIDA to extend the user pool with an aim of n~1000 users within the next 5 years. This will be realized in strong cooperation with regional policy-makers and the implemented, regional strategy in the field of “Health and Wellbeing”. PROLIDA will also extend its’ infrastructure by different semi-lab situations (lab with focus on dementia in a senior-citizen center, container-lab) within the next years. Beside the regional perpesctive PROLIDA will focus on the transnational view and the translation of approaches, products and services. Whereas PROLIDA follows a connected and cooperative approach together with strong strategic partners in partner countries.