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Multi-method approach

Professional Living, Innovation and Development Lab for an Ageing Society

Knowledge transfer benefit: Throughout the PROLIDA LL approach end-users are invited for knowledge transfer (e.g. basic presentations of novel technologies, new approaches and co-creation/co-development-possibilities). E.g. in the year 2018/2019 ~250 older users invited for such sessions. Companies benefit from a much stronger possibility for basic marketing and development of a positive knowledge concerning the concrete field of application in the end-user groups. Participants of work as multipliers for the innovative topics, products and services.

Intervention evidence benefit: In a concrete project a Health Coach Service based on a Telemonitoring Technology was implemented with a group of n>70 older users with chronical conditions over a period of 16 month. The end-users got a direct health and medical expert intervention, which led on the one hand to a better awareness and compliance concerning their health and on the other hand new (not known diagnosis) diagnosed conditions, which could be treated at early stages. This early testing of novel interventions also was a benefit for the regional policy-makers as it offered a new argumentation concerning payment perspectives in the regional, dual payment system (government for ambulant, clinical medical services, health insurance for medical treatment at rural medical doctors).