Professional Living, Innovation and Development Lab for an Ageing Society

Living Lab prolida

Spaces, concepts, methods and tools for user-centered innovation development in ageing research.

The Living Lab approach is a focus of research work on ageing, health and well-being at IARA (Institute for Applied Research on Ageing).

What is a Living Lab?

A Living Lab can be described as a

  • user-orientated,

  • innovation-promoting system that offers various stakeholders,

  • including end users,

  • a framework for developing application-oriented products

  • and solutions for specific issues in a multidisciplinary manner,

  • as well as testing and evaluating them together

  • and establishing them on the market in the long term.

Definition by Anna Ståhlbröst | Botnia Living Lab

“A Living Lab is an orchestrator of open innovation processes focusing on co-creation of innovations in real-world contexts by involving multiple stakeholders with the objective to generate sustainable value for all stakeholders focusing in particular on the end-users”.

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