Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Labor (IADL)

Partial view of the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living laboratory with a height-adjustable kitchen element in beige colour with a sink in the foreground. In the background on the right is a wooden dining table with eight wooden chairs with red covers. To the left is the living room with a flat screen and a red seating area.

Intelligent assistance systems for a healthy, active and self-determined life

A living unit equipped with various sensors is set up in the laboratory, divided into a kitchen, bathroom, dining, living and sleeping area. The sensors installed include a pressure-sensitive floor for detecting falls, air quality and temperature measurements, motion and contact sensors and corresponding actuators. The laboratory offers the opportunity to carry out test scenarios with end users.

User Experience (UX) - Labor

The eye tracking system is applied to a computer game, displayed on a computer screen.

User Experience - Labor

The UX lab offers the opportunity to monitor and record user tests with end users in the neighbouring IADL lab, both camera- and sensor-based via the control console of the installed home automation components. In addition, the room also offers the opportunity for smaller setups to be carried out as part of current and future research projects on the degree programme.

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