Active & concluded projects

Active projects

Change logo

chAnGE | Climate change and healthy AgeinG: co-creating E-learning for resilience adaption

It is above all vulnerable population groups, who are most affected by the effects of climate change such as heat, drought, natural disasters or new pathogens.

Go Green Next logo

GoGreenNext | Promoting Future Health in Cities

GoGreenNext is a Horizon Europe project that will address the links between planetary health and human health in the urban environment.

Promos Interereg Italy-Austria Co-funded by the European Union logo

PROMOS | Strengthening the biomedical environment

PROMOS intends to promote the Italian-Austrian biomedical ecosystem and the creation of new biomedical SMEs through cross-border technology transfer from the academic world to the market and the clinic.

Concluded projects

Heroes logo

HEROES | Home carE woRk fOr rEtireeS

The HEROES project - Home carE woRk fOr rEtireeS - was launched in April 2021 and is a cross-disciplinary project in which IARA is involved under the leadership of a Romanian lead partner.

Incardio logo

INCARDIO | Innovative therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Around 30% of the European population suffers from cardiovascular disease. The INCardio project brings together partner organisations from Italy and Austria to develop fundamental and sustainable strategies in these countries to counteract this.

Senshome sensing special needs logo

SENSHOME | Sensors for special rooms

The SENSHOME project aims to promote autonomous living for people with disabilities, particularly those with autism. New smart home technologies with intelligent sensor networks are used for this purpose.

Ran run across nations logo

CROSSTRAIL | Discover Friuli and Carinthia with trail running

Trail running in the name of health, technology and prevention In the "Community-led local development (CLLD)" region "HEurOpen", the sport of trail running is to be promoted.

HnnH logo

HnnH | Interactive speaker system for social networking

Consider the complexity of social networks in old age. Studies show that integration into social networks promotes health and survival in old age.

Ayudo logo

AYUDO | Digitally supported personal health management

AYUDO means "I help" in Spanish. The AYUDO project aims to support elderly or chronically ill people in actively looking after their health and improving their personal well-being.

Movinsi logo

MOVINSI | Los Geht's!

Exercise programme for older people. Promoting both personal well-being and social interaction in the cross-border "HEurOpen" region through exercise is the aim of the MOVINSI! Here we go! project aims to achieve.

Detect and connect logo

DETECT & CONNECT | Technology that connects

The aim of the project is to realise a user-friendly system that connects elderly people or people living alone in general with suitable help providers from their extended social environment in a timely and autonomous manner in the event of irregularities or needs.

DL Alarm James logo

DL Alarm | Further development of the JAMES smartwatch with the help of ML algorithms and AI technology

The ageing research centre IARA is a research service provider here and is working with the company ilogs on the further technical development of the JAMES smartwatch, which is used as an emergency call system.

Coop for healthcare logo

Coop4HealthCare | Cross-sectoral Alliances for Smart Healthcare Solutions

Promoting smart healthcare services. The COOP4HEALTHCARE project aimed to improve the range of services in the healthcare sector through targeted and action-orientated cooperation.

Care for tech logo

Care4Tech | Cross-sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

As part of the CARE4TECH project, cross-sector strategies for generating innovation in the field of smart living were researched and implemented.

Smart vitaality logo

SMART VITAALITY | Carinthian test region to support health and well-being

Smart VitAALity is a research project in which a technical Active and Assisted Living (AAL) system was developed and tested to support people in their everyday lives in the areas of health, well-being and social participation.

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