Our concept


Supports quadruple-helix stakeholders in the field of Health and Wellbeing (AAL/AHA) in the participative development, multiperspective (real-life) evaluation and longterm anchoring of innovations in the market. We focus on technological innovations related to an active and healthy lifestyle, formal and informal care services and holistic health and wellbeing approaches.

Provides companies (social providers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and industry) with an innovation environment in which they can extensively develop and try out innovative solutions together with end users and related stakeholders – supported by a multi-disciplinary Living Lab team. The approach therefore can create value for the different stakeholder groups related to their need situation in a very modular, effective and near-to-the market way.

Participative development

  • Active User Involvement
  • Quadruple-Helix Roach
  • Multistakeholder Participation
  • Tracing User Needs

Multimethod approach

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Efficiency to Cost and Benefit
  • Usabiltity and Acceptance
  • Innovation Life Cycle

Anchoring in the market

  • Business Models
  • Ecosystem Anchoring Strategies
  • Near to the Market
  • Ethical Guidelines

Fields of application

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